Posted by Melissa M. | Tab Specialist on 3rd Mar 2022

How to Use Tab Dividers in Notebooks & Binders

How to Use Tab Dividers in Notebooks & Binders

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Tab dividers are a great way to organize your notebook or binder. Through careful labeling and thoughtful setup, tab dividers make referencing your information a breeze. Here’s a few tips on how to use tab dividers in your notebooks and binders:

Choose the right size tab divider

Choose a set of tabs that will match the size of your notebook or binder. There are many options available from letter and legal size, to A1 and more. At TabShop we offer custom sheet sizes to meet just about any size requirement you might need.

A quick note if you plan to use those plastic sheet protector sleeves in your binders; A standard letter size tab sheet will not be large enough to show the tabs beyond the sleeve. You will need a custom sheet size that measures ½ inch larger than your sheet protector. This ensures all your tabs will be visible beyond your inner pages.

Setting up your notebook with dividers

When it comes to setting up your notebook for maximum productivity, the key is organization. Dividers are the perfect way to bring order to your notebook, allowing you to separate and organize different sections of your work according to subject or project.

Decide how you want to organize your documents and what tab orientation makes the most sense; top, bottom or side. Then, think carefully about your tab titles. They should be concise and easy to understand for anyone that might need to reference your binder's materials.

Labeling your side and bottom tabs

Now you can start labeling your tabs. Write the name of each subject on a separate label and then attach the label to the correct tab. Make sure that the labels are placed in the middle of the tab so they are easy to read.

Don’t feel like doing the work to hand label each tab? That’s where we come in! Quickly and easily design your tab set with your custom printed tab titles on

Oh So Satisfying

Seeing your binder come together with an effective filing system, can be so satisfying. Not to mention, being able to find and reference important information quickly can be a huge timesaver.

Tab dividers are a great way to keep your notebook or binder organized. By taking a few minutes to label each tab (or have TabShop custom print them), you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration. So next time you’re looking for a quick and easy way to organize your papers, reach for some tab dividers and get started!

If you need more help creating the perfect tab divider...

Look no further then TabShop. Design your custom tab dividers, to fit your specific needs. With our easy-to-use online ordering system, simply select the size, cut, color, and titles of your dividers and we'll get to work creating a one-of-a-kind tab set will help you keep your notebook or binder organized and professional.

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